Group Leader Profile

Nama : Dr. Ghufron Zaid, M.Sc.
Afiliasi : Research Center for Metrology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Jabatan : Mechanical Metrology Division
Kontak : 0858-8066-0120
Email :
Detail : Head of Mechanical Metrology Division

Message from Group Leader

2016 has come to an end. Various activities have been successfully conducted by members of this research group, which would not be possible without their hard work throughout last year. Thank you, guys!

In term of research works, we have conducted three different research topics. The development of calibration system for ear thermometer has been successful in characterizing the liquid bath within its permissible error, whilst the blackbody would need further characterization to ensure conformity to specified standards for the range of calibration temperature. The development of measurement system for 3-terminal high resistance using Direct Current Comparator Bridge has been successful up to 1 G Ohm. The system has been actually verified through a peer review process carried out by expert from another NMI and is ready for providing calibration services. The development of Cu-Ag eutectic cell and Cu blackbody has been partially successful due to limited budget. Phase II of this research will be carried out in 2017.

The number of publication is not disappointing either. We have published ..... manuscripts in international journal, ..... articles in national journal, ...... research progress in ..... international conference and ....... Research progress in ........ national conferences, totaling to ....... Publications. In term of human resources, some of our researchers within this group have successfully upgraded their researcher grade to higher level whilst some others are in the process of upgrading their level. None of the researchers are behind their schedule to upgrade their level. Upgrading researcher level is not a big problem if researchers do the research work, publish it and keep record of their publication and other research activities regularly. The longer the delay, the more difficult it is to maintain.

We are hopeful that 2017 will be even more fruitful than the year before, with better preparation already started earlier than last year. We appreciate the Committee of "Forum Fungsional" for encouraging better research environment for us all.

Metrology for our future!



Ghufron Zaid