Research Group of Measurement Standard Development is one of five research groups in RCM-LIPI.

It is aimed at carrying out researches to meet the need for measurement traceability as required by our stakeholders.

The significance of measurement traceability cannot be overstated in an era of global market, where quality assurance to meet the need of customer is of paramount importance.

Product quality can only be improved through better design and manufacturing process, starting from raw material selection to end-product testing, in order to meet standard specification from customers. These processes would require measuring instruments with specified quality in term of their accuracy and precision which can only be determined through calibration process to measuring standards, usually carried out by calibration laboratories. The measuring standards used, in turn, would need to be calibrated to higher quality measuring standards, and so forth forming an unbroken chain of so-called measurement traceability to the highest measuring standards defining the measurement quantity.

The growing needs of measurement in industries provide challenges to RCM-LIPI as the custodian of national measurement standard to develop methods of measurement as well as measurement standards.

Research Group of Measurement Standard Development of RCM-LIPI works to develop measurement standards in order to provide quality assurance necessary for industries.