High resistance measurement using three terminal method

Dissemination process of resistance standard in Research Center for Metrology - LIPI (RCM-LIPI) using Direct Current Comparator Bridge (DCCB) is performed for low, medium, and high value resistance, with reference resistor that is traceable to Quantum Hall Resistance (QHR) of NMIJ (NMI of Japan) in 2014. Nominal value of this reference resistor is 1 Ω, and it is the resistor which includes the medium value resistance. The medium value resistance measurement is performed by using 4-terminal method so that the traceability of the high value resistance is based on standard resistance that is measured by 4-terminal definition. However, measurement value obtained by that method based on ILC result performed by LNE at 100 MΩ is not consistent within the associated uncertainties. After discussed together with LNE's expert, the error of high value resistance measurement results is caused by there is a mistake on measurement wiring so we need to develop the measurement method using 3-terminal.